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Be sure to check out the answers to some of the more common questions below:

Can I bring my own food/catering?

Yes.  Our flexible pricing options make it easy.  You can either have The Metro provide the catering, you can bring in your own food, or you can hire a third party caterer or even do a blend.  Note: a catering surcharge may be added to your quote for outside catering.  


Can I bring my own Liquor to The Metro?

Yes.  You are welcome to bring your own liquor in at The Metro.  You are required to present a valid special occassion license and adhere to all laws under the Liquor LIcensing and Control Act.    A corkage fee may be added to your quote. 


Can The Metro provide the Liquor?

Yes.  If you prefer to have The Metro handle the bar and take out all the guesswork, just let us know.  


How do I get my special occassion license?

Liquor Licensing is managed and regulated by The BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.  For all the details on pricing and regulations or to apply, visit the BC Special Occasion website here.  


Do I need a valid "Serving it Right" if there is liquor at my event?

Hosts may also be required to present a valid "Serving it Right" license with your application.   You can complete the Serving it Right exam online for approx. $35. 


Do I need a business license to host an event in New Westminster?

If your event is for profit, you are required to have a valid business license before beginning operation. This includes home-based businesses, commercial and industrial operations and owners of apartment rental properties. Business licenses are also required for companies that are not located in the City but do work within New Westminster such as contractors."

New Westminster City hall is located at 511 Royal Avenue.


What are the measurements for the hall?

For sample floorplans including measurements for each of our rooms, click on the applicable link below:

Hollywood Ballroom

Glam Lounge


Do you have parking nearby?

Please visit our Location Page for a complete listing.


Can you recommend accomodations nearby?

Yes.  Please visit our other links page for details.


Can you recommend parks for photos nearby?

Yes.  Please visit our other links page for details.


Can you recommend any marriage commissioners?

Yes.  Please visit our other links page for details.

The Metro Hall, 759 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster, BC, V3M 1E6 | Tel: 604-527-1122

The Metro is centrally located across the street from New Westminster Skytrain station making it a destination banquet hall servicing the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, South Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Maple Ridge and more...

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